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The 8 objects photographed below was shot by me on August 16 2007 at approximately 6:22 PM, near my home in Flatwoods, Kentucky...They have been extensively analyzed and found to be 100 % authentic!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Absolutely stunning footage of UFO in Houston Texas 2008

Triangle video from Great Briatin on Oct 13 2009

Very unusual "cloud" formation over Moscow 's western district

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Zeitgeist 2007

In Search Of Ancient Astronauts With Rod Serling

UFO The greatest story ever denied

Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996


The two most important crop circles ever

UFOs sighted by Marines in Iraq Jan 2008

UFO or TR-3B Project over Paris France July 23, 2008

UAE UFO Fleet Nov 2007

Florida air anomaly Jan 2008

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sumerian Artifacts Slide Show

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new old photos from 2008

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Many, many irrefutable witnesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pilot UFO sightings

Historical UFO and Abduction occurrences

1897-04-19 Aurora Texas UFO Incident Aurora, Texas United States An alleged UFO crash and burial of alien pilot, possibly explained as a hoax.
1908-06-30 Tunguska event Podkamennaya Tunguska River Russia Large explosion, probably of a comet or meteoroid, sometimes explained as an explosion of an UFO ]
1926 Unknown, possibly China (the Himalayas) Nicholas Roerich's travel diary mentions that he and his companions encountered a silver metallic disc hovering above the Himalayas. They observed the disc through binoculars for some time until it disappeared beyond mountain peaks.
1940s Foo fighter Small metallic spheres and colorful balls of light repeatedly spotted, and on occasion photographed, by military air crews around the world during World War II.
1942 Hopeh Incident Hopeh China A UFO was spotted and photographed.
1942-02-24 Battle of Los Angeles Los Angeles, California United States Unidentified aerial objects trigger the military to fire thousands of anti-aircraft rounds into the sky and raise the wartime alert status.
1946 Ghost rockets Objects were sighted repeatedly over Scandinavia; Swedish Defense Staff expressed concern.
1946-05-18 UFO-Memorial Ängelholm Ängelholm Municipality Sweden Gösta Karlsson reports seeing a UFO landing and alien beings. A model of a flying saucer is now erected at the site.
1947-06-14 Roswell UFO incident Roswell, New Mexico United States United States Army Air Forces allegedly captures a flying saucer.
1947-06-21 Maury Island incident Washington United States Harold A. Dahl reported an incident in which he claimed that his dog was killed and his son was injured by UFOs, and that a witness was threatened by Men in Black.
1947-06-24 Kenneth Arnold Washington United States The UFO sighting that sparked the name flying saucers.
1948 Green fireballs Objects reported over several United States military bases; an official investigation followed.
1948 Kapustin Yar A "cigar" shaped UFO was supposedly shot down by a Russian MiG.
1948-01-07 Mantell UFO Incident Kentucky United States US Air Force sent a fighter pilot to investigate a UFO sighting over Fort Knox, Kentucky; the pilot was killed while pursuing the UFO.
1948-10-01 Gorman Dogfight North Dakota United States A US Air Force pilot sighted and pursued a UFO for 27 minutes over Fargo, North Dakota.
1950 Mariana UFO Incident Great Falls, Montana United States The manager of Great Falls' pro baseball team took color film of two UFOs flying over Great Falls. The film was extensively analyzed by the US Air Force and independent investigators.
1951-08-25 Lubbock Lights Lubbock, Texas United States Lights were repeatedly spotted flying over the city. They were witnessed by science professors from Texas Tech University and photographed by a Texas Tech student.
1952-07-13 1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident Washington, D.C. United States A series of sightings in July 1952 accompanied radar/visual contacts at three separate airports in the Washington area. The sightings made front-page headlines around the nation, and ultimately lead to the formation of the Robertson Panel by the CIA.
1952-07-24 Carson Sink UFO incident Nevada United States Two pilots saw three unusual aircraft, flying in a V-formation and with a Delta-wing airfoil, over Carson Sink.
1952-09-12 Flatwoods monster Flatwoods, West Virginia United States 6 local boys and a local woman reported sighting a UFO landing and later discovered a bizarre-looking creature near the site.
June, 1953 Otis AFB Falmouth, Massachusetts United States A man claims that a U.S Air Force radar operator and pilot bailed out over Otis Air Force Base because of engine failure. They were chasing a UFO. Plane and operator never seen again. Pilot lives and the canopy is the only thing recovered.
1953-08-12 Ellsworth UFO Case Bismarck, North Dakota United States A UFO appearing as a red glowing light is witnessed by forty-five people. The sighting takes place over a two night period.
1953-11-23 Felix Moncla Lake Superior United States - Canada U.S Air Force Pilot disappears while pursuing a UFO.
1955-08-21 Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter Kentucky United States A group of strange, goblin-like creatures bullied a family, while the family shot at them.
1957 Antonio Villas Boas São Francisco de Sales Brazil Antonio Villas Boas claimed to have been abducted and examined by aliens. He also claimed to have had sex with an alien woman during his time aboard a UFO.
1957-05-20 Milton Torres East Anglia United Kingdom US Air Force fighter pilot Milton Torres reports that he was ordered to interecept and fire on a UFO displaying "very unusual flight patterns" over East Anglia. Ground radar operators had tracked the object for some time before Torres' plane was scrambled to intercept. 1 [30]
1957-11-02 Levelland UFO Case Levelland, Texas United States Numerous motorists reported seeing a strange, glowing, egg-shaped object which caused their vehicle's engines to shut off. When the object flew away, their vehicles restarted and worked normally.
1959 Dyatlov Pass Accident Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Mysterious deaths of experienced skiers in the Urals is believed to have been caused by "unidentified orange spheres" and an "unknown compelling force".
1959 Alor Incident Alor Archipelago Indonesia This incident occurred on July 1959, in the Alor Islands area.
1961-02-17 Europe NATO radar stations detected 50 objects coming from the Soviet Union, flying at high speed over Europe. Coming at the height of the Cold War, they feared the outbreak of World War III, but the objects vanished after 9 minutes. A Potsdam astronomer possibly observed the transit of an object over the sun's disc at the time.
1961-09-19 Betty and Barney Hill abduction New Hampshire United States A widely publicized alien abduction experience.
1961-11-10 Vukovar Croatia A UFO with flickering lights appeared. An increase in static electricity was observed.
1964-04-24 Lonnie Zamora Socorro, New Mexico United States Zamora, a police officer, reports a close encounter.
1965 Exeter incident Exeter, New Hampshire United States A UFO was observed by a teenager and two police officers.
1965 Project Serpo United States A reported secret exchange program between the U.S government and an extraterrestrial race from Planet Serpo.
1965-12-01 Adhara Observatory UFO Lunar Transit Buenos Aires Argentina The Adhara Observatory took photographs of the moon after the public reported something unusual on the moon. Some of these pictures show disk shaped objects. Afterwards three luminous strange objects flew over La Plata.
1965-12-09 Kecksburg UFO incident Kecksburg, Pennsylvania United States Mass sighting of a falling UFO, followed by an alleged cordoning-off of the crash site.
1966 The Mothman Prophecies Point Pleasant, West Virginia United States A wave of sightings of a winged humanoid is reported to be connected to other mysterious events including sightings of UFOs.
1966-04-06 Westall UFO Clayton South, Victoria Australia A sighting by hundreds of people. Witnesses of "The Clayton Incident" still gather for reunions. 1 [39]
1966-04-17 Portage County UFO chase Ohio United States Several police officers pursue a UFO for 30 minutes.
1967-05-20 Falcon Lake Incident Falcon Lake, Manitoba Canada A UFO's exhaust allegedly burns a man.
1967-08-29 Close encounter of Cussac Cussac, Cantal France A young brother and sister claim to have witnessed a UFO and its occupants.
1967-10-04 Shag Harbour incident Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia Canada A UFO was seen crashing into Shag Harbor. A Canadian naval search followed, and is officially referred to as a UFO crash.
1967-12-03 Schirmer Abduction Ashland, Nebraska United States Sergeant Herbert Schirmer claimed he was abducted.
1969-01-01 Prince George, British Columbia Canada Three unrelated witnesses reported a strange, round object in the late afternoon sky. The sphere radiated a yellow-orange light and appeared to ascend from 2,000 feet (610 m) to 10,000 feet (3,000 m).
1969 Jimmy Carter UFO incident Leary, Georgia United States Jimmy Carter's sighting.
1970s Barry DeLong UFO incident Somerset County, Maine United States Sheriff Barry A. DeLong witnessed a UFO: "They were hovering about 15 feet (4.6 m) from my cruiser, late at night. It had fixed lights that were spinning. It was huge, and oval-shaped. I knew it wasn't a jet fighter. It slowly started backing off toward Sugarloaf, and then at a terrific speed."
1973-10-11 Pascagoula Abduction Mississippi United States Alien abduction occurs while the victims were fishing on the Pascagoula River.
1974-01-23 Berwyn Mountain UFO incident Llandrillo, Merionethshire, North Wales United Kingdom An alleged UFO crash. Some claim that the event was actually the result of an earthquake.
1975-01-12 North Hudson Park UFO sightings North Bergen, NJ United States Considered a close encounter of the second and third kind, the case introduced Budd Hopkins to UFO research, a later key figure in alien abduction research. Researcher Jerome Clark cites it as one of the best-documented, the core story being corroborated by numerous independent witnesses.
1975-11-05 Travis Walton Arizona United States Logger Travis Walton reports being abducted by aliens following his five-day disappearance. Walton's six workmates claimed to have witnessed the UFO at the start of his abduction. Walton described the event and its aftermath in The Walton Experience, which was dramatized in the film Fire in the Sky.
1976-06-22 1976 Canary Island UFO sighting (Several) Canary Islands Several lights and a spherical, transparent blue craft, piloted by two beings was reported.
1976-09-19 1976 Tehran UFO incident Tehran Iran A UFO disabled the electronic equipment of two F-4 interceptor aircraft, and ground control equipment as well. The event is well-documented in the U.S. DIA report and other documents. The Iranian generals involved in the incident said on public record that object was extraterrestrial.
1977 Colares UFO flap Colares Brazil A bewildering account of an island which was flooded by harmful UFOs.
1978-05-10 Emilcin Abduction Emilcin Poland A man at Emilcin, Poland is said to be abducted by "grays." There is now a memorial at the site.
1978-06-19 Frank Johnson Oxfordshire, England United Kingdom While driving, a family is intercepted by a UFO. The family later wrote a book (The Janos People (book)) about the incident.
1978-10-21 Valentich Disappearance Victoria Australia An Australian pilot reported a UFO sighting to air traffic control before he and his aircraft vanished without a trace.
1978-12-21 Kaikoura lights South Island New Zealand A series of sightings by a Safe Air freight plane; the airplane was escorted by strange lights that changed color and size.
1979-08-27 Val Johnson Incident Marshall County, Minnesota United States A deputy sheriff spotted a strange bright light which appeared to have collided with his patrol car and damaged it. The deputy also suffered temporary eye damage from the "light".
1979-11-09 Robert Taylor incident Livingston Scotland A forester, Bob Taylor, was pulled by two spiked globes towards a UFO, which stood on a clearing. He lost consciousness and afterwards had trouble walking and speaking and felt thirsty for days. At the clearing several traces were found.
1979-11-11 Manises UFO Incident Valencia Spain Three large UFOs forced a commercial flight to make an emergency landing at Manises airport.
1980s Hudson Valley UFO sightings Hudson Valley United States A UFO flap during the eighties and early nineties, involving thousands of reports of similarly-shaped UFOs. They were first observed by a retired policeman in Kent, New York, late on New Year's Eve, 1981. The 1984 "Incident at Indian Point" was one of these sightings.
1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident Suffolk, England United Kingdom A sighting which was first thought to be a downed aircraft.
1980-12-29 Cash-Landrum incident Dayton, Texas United States A huge diamond-shaped UFO irradiates three witnesses, who were treated for radiation poisoning. The UFO was in the company of military helicopters and the victims have since sued the US Government.
May 1981 Salyut 6 orbital station Earthbound orbit Cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalyonok and Viktor Savinykh supposedly established contact with a UFO while working at the Salyut 6. 1 [citation needed]
1981-01-08 Trans-en-Provence Case Trans-en-Provence, Var France A UFO-landing which left traces.
1985 Tbilisi-sighting In January, 1985, Soviet commercial airline crew and passengers observed a strange light during a flight from Tbilisi in Georgia to Tallinn in Estonia.
1985-12-26 Whitley Strieber Toronto and New York state A paranormal writer and alleged abductee, Strieber described his experiences in his national best-seller novel Communion. He later retracted his statements in a 1996 Larry King interview. He currently hosts a nighttime radio show Dreamland.
1986 1986 Brazilian UFO flotilla Brazil More than 20 UFOs are seen and detected by radar in various parts of the Brazil. Colonel Ozires Silva, former president of Embraer Petrobras, pursues the UFOs in a Xingu PT-MBZ aircraft. He later declares that “The lights were primary targets in the radar, positive targets, a concrete thing”. Two Northrop F-5 and three Mirage III are sent to intercept the UFOs, but the objects disappeared from sight and radar detection. Afterwards the Minister of Aeronautics, Brigadier Otávio Júlio Moreira Lima, publicly declared: "Between 20:00 (19/05) and 01:00 (20/05) at least 21 objects have been detected by Brazilian radars. [...] We can only give technical explanations and we do not have them. [...] It’s fantastic, the radar signals were very clear."
1986-01-29 Height 611 UFO Incident Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai USSR An alleged UFO crash, followed by an alleged UFO landing in 1989. 1 [citation needed]
1986-11-17 Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident Alaska United States A group of UFOs flew alongside Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 for 50 minutes above Northeastern Alaska. One of the objects trailing behind the Boeing 747 was detected by military radar.
1987-11-11 Gulf Breeze UFO incident Gulf Breeze, Florida United States A UFO wave started late 1987 over this town in western Florida. A fair number of these sightings, though by no means all, are attributed to Ed Walters, whose claims are now doubted.
1988-12-26 Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires Argentina A silver UFO flew over this high density area in the city of Buenos Aires. It is maybe the most spectacular UFO incident of Argentina, with more than 7,500 witnesses. The local airport reported an object flying towards General Paz Ave. seen on the radars on that sunny afternoon.
1990-03-30 Belgian UFO wave Ans, Wallonia Belgium Mass sighting of large, silent, low-flying black triangles, which were tracked by multiple NATO radar and jet interceptors, and investigated by Belgium's military. Photographic evidence exists.
1990-11-07 1990 Montreal UFO Montreal, Quebec Canada For more than 3 hours, more than 40 people, including policemen, observe a UFO above a downtown hotel.
1990 / 1992-07-08 Sassowo explosions Sassowo Russia Two mysterious explosions, equivalent to 25 tons high explosive.
1991-04-21 Achille Zaghetti London, England United Kingdom Alitalia pilot Achille Zaghetti reports a cigar-shaped UFO flying past his plane at high speed during his descent to Heathrow Airport on a flight from Milan to London. Immediately following the near-miss, Zaghetti contacted the area control center radar operator who confirmed an unidentified target was observed 10 nautical miles behind the plane. British defence officials ruled out a missile, but offered no explanation for the sighting.
1991 STS-48 incident Orbit, Space Discovery, STS-48 A video apparently shot during STS-48 mission, appears to depict objects flying in an artificial fashion. NASA explained the objects as ice particles reacting to engine jets. Philip C. Plait briefly discussed it in Bad Astronomy, and agreed with NASA. A Florida Today article of 2000 quoted Dr. Jack Kasher as saying that found the footage to depict independently operated spacecraft, see "Journal for UFO Studies". 1 [70] [71]
1992 Steven M. Greer Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England United Kingdom While at a Woodborough Hill farm, a CSETI team experiences a close encounter with a "100-foot in diameter" UFO.
1993 Steven M. Greer Mexico Near Popocatépetl volcano, on the road towards Indian village Atlimayaya, (Atlixco and Metepec region, Mexico) a CSETI team experienced a close encounter with a triangular UFO and "extremely luminous and white" extraterrestrials within it.
1993 Kelly Cahill Victoria Australia East of Melbourne's Dandenong foothills Kelly Cahill and five others were confronted by a flying saucer shortly after midnight, besides tall, slim, black aliens with glowing red eyes. A number of scientific organisations performed subsequent tests of the area and found significant anomalies in soil and vegetation samples.
1994-12-14 Trumbull Ohio Disturbance Vienna, Ohio USA Many citizens and at least 15 local police officers near Youngstown, Ohio, observed and pursued large, low-flying multicolored UFOs during the early hours of 12/14/1994. Citizens and police went on record giving testimonials on the 1999 NBC special "Confirmation". Publicly available 9-1-1 communications detail the event and officers' behavior. Local Air Force reps denounced local authorities saying the police were chasing Mercury for 7 hours at high speed. FAA also denied any anomalies. Local Youngstown media acknowledged the incident's importance, but refused coverage, reportedly out of fear. Gross abuse of media and military influence is claimed, which deliberately concealed the event. The principal investigator was Kenny Young of Cincinnati, OH.
1994 Meng Zhaoguo Incident Wuchang China Meng claimed to have had sexual intercourse with an alien, and to have been subsequently abducted.
1996-01-20 Varginha UFO incident Varginha, Minas Gerais Brazil Multiple sightings and alleged capture of alien entity by the Brazilian military.
1997 Area 51: The Alien Interview Area 51, Nevada United States Video footage of an alleged interview with an alien.
1997-03-13 Phoenix Lights Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico United States A strange set of lights are seen over Nevada, Arizona and possibly New Mexico.
1997-08-06 Mexico City skyline UFO Mexico City Mexico An amateur cameraman with a digital camera captured astounding footage of a UFO passing behind and above several buildings. Air traffic was restricted that day except for two helicopters.

21st century

2000 Eastern Afghanistan UFOs Middle East Residents of nw. Pakistan and e. Afghanistan claimed to have seen strange lights in the sky. The then-ruling Taliban regime suspected a US attacked on Al-Qaeda training camps, or Pakistani missile tests, which were denied by the respective countries. The suspicion was discounted as the lights were seen heading back towards the sky. The lights however returned after two weeks.
2004-03-05 2004 Mexican UFO Incident Mexico A drug-smuggling air patrol recorded on infrared camera what some claimed to be UFOs. The footage was released by Jaime Maussan. Others suggest the objects are oil platform burn-off flares.
2004-10-27 Woodside, Queens United States Five flying saucers appeared and were observed by people throughout the Queens and Manhattan area. They disappeared one by one.
2005-04-27 Washington, D.C. United States The White House was evacuated when a UFO entered restricted air space, then disappeared. It was explained as: "probably a cloud or several birds."
2006-05-25 Kent, England United Kingdom An oval orb was observed hovering above a location in Kent. It then moved off in a westerly direction. 1 [citation needed]
2006-06-24 Vatican City A Polish tourist photographed a UFO hovering near the Vatican Basilica's cuppola.
2006-08-17 Nanjing China A UFO was recorded hovering over an apartment building.
2006-08-21 Ajax, Ontario Canada A UFO was photographed 8-10 kilometers west of the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant.
2006-10-23 North Carolina United States An object was sighted traveling northeast at night until, as it was claimed, it expelled a blue ring and split in two. The first piece continued to fly northeast, while the latter ricocheted in the opposite direction, and disappeared from view. The first part was seen to have light on its back, and shaped like a small blimp.
2006-11-07 Chicago O'Hare UFO sighting 2006 Chicago, Illinois United States United Airlines employees and pilots claimed to have seen a saucer-shaped, unlit craft hover over a Chicago O'Hare Airport terminal, before shooting up vertically. The FAA initially denied having received reports, but information gained by means of the Freedom of Information Act revealed otherwise.
2007-01-20 Poland Seventeen or eighteen UFOs were spotted. 1 [citation needed]
2007-02-02 Islington, London, England United Kingdom Ten to fifteen UFOs are spotted. 1
2007-02-16 Kaliningrad Russia A student records a UFO on his video camera. 1
2007-03-03 New Delhi India A green fireball was seen over Delhi by ten pilots.
2007-03-07 New Delhi India Two UFOs were detected near the prime minister's residence.
2007-03-10 Cleveland, Ohio United States UFO seen over a peace rally.
2007-04-23 Channel Islands Two airline pilots on separate flights spot UFOs off the coast of Alderney.
2007-05-02 Sutton, England United Kingdom John Gregory spotted a UFO after 10 pm. As he was observing the sky he noticed a very bright object, which at first he considered to be a star. Later he began to doubt this, and was very surprised by the very unusual and clear phenomenon, which was visible for miles around. The image, which seemed to be shaped like a face, nose and mouth, remained for about 20 minutes and then just vanished.
2007-05-11 Massillon, Ohio United States At 10:40 pm, Rosemary Lyons and a co-worker were taking a smoke break outside the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge, located at 2935 Lincoln Way West, when they witnessed a UFO. They estimated its size as 60 feet (18 m) in diameter. Lyons: "The first thing I said was 'Oh my gosh. Look at that,' We saw it for 20 to 25 seconds. It was round and luminous underneath. It wasn't a plane, it wasn't a helicopter, it wasn’t a blimp and it wasn't a balloon. It made absolutely no sound. It was flying over just carefree – like it was no one's business."
2007-05-12 Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland United Kingdom Orange colored UFOs were spotted during the evening. Clifford Rossbottom said, "There were three orange globes, nearly in a straight line, ... an absolutely fascinating sight. I watched them for five minutes, and then very slowly, they just disappeared. The only thing I thought it could have been was three high-flying aircraft. If that is not the case, then I have no idea, and the only other thing I can think of is in fact that they were UFOs." Belfast International Airport's air traffic control received calls from people (including the Coastguard) who spotted the objects, but the airport reported no aircraft in the area during the time of the sightings. A company called UFO Balloons later claimed their product was responsible for the events. One month later two similar aircraft were sighted over Buela, Colorado.
2007-05-27 Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada Dave Francis and Kelly McDonald witnessed a UFO over UCFV campus. Francis said, "I really think it was a UFO. I don’t really care if anybody else believes me ... it was the craziest thing I ever saw. Whatever it was, they were moving from place to place as a unit [and then] just faded away." McDonald said, "I know that I saw something that wasn’t from here. I’ve never seen anything move that way. It wasn’t birds. [As the UFO approached] it broke apart into 20 or more of these little spheres ... birds don’t dive-bomb in at each other."
2007-05-28 Bangalore India Afzal Khan told CNN IBN that he photographed a UFO, "Today (Monday) at around 9 pm (IST), I and my brothers saw a bright, slow-moving object which looked like a group of lights moving in a triangular formation in the sky towards west/north-west direction. This object was definitely not an aeroplane as it was moving very slowly. We observed the object from around 9 pm until 9.30 pm before it disappeared into the distance. During this time we managed to take some pictures with my camera. The astronomical/space/science departments of any activity in the sky during the above time can be confirmed. We live in Jayanagar area of Bangalore. Another thing that we noticed during this time was an aircraft that took-off from Bangalore Airport was flying very close to this object. It is possible that the pilot of that aircraft could have spotted this object as well."
2007-07-23 Warwickshire, England United Kingdom Crowd of 100 persons saw a formation of strange lights in the sky for 30 minutes.
2007-09-15 Double mothership sighting Nassau Bahamas Event took place around 8 pm, two huge motherships in front of the moon, then suddenly vanish one after the next.
2007-09-25 Kodiak Island UFO, 2007 Kodiak, Alaska United States On September 25, 2007, around 6:45 am., a bright red light was flying fast over the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Within seconds, it travelled to Kodiak Island air space, over 300 miles away. Many people claim to have seen it descend behind a mountain. Local troopers and Coast Guard personnel went to investigate the UFO but no signs were found.
2007-10-30 Calcutta India Many people claimed to see a UFO near Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Calcutta. It was also recorded by an amateur videographer. It was like a ball of light which some time hovered, sometimes moved very fast and changed shape and size. The video was broadcasted on local news channels.
2007-11-08 Larnaca Cyprus UFO reported to have come from the coast inland near a village called Catalkoy in small and rapid zigzags, then stopped and hovered for approximately 30 seconds before making a smooth ascent at 45 degrees east. Many witnesses have reported such events to a local newspaper.
2008-01-01 San Diego, California United States Nine separate lights were spotted moving in an arc formation across the sky at around half past midnight on New Years Day. Around the globe, many people are said to have reported the same exact lights in the sky. A later Fox News San Diego report by anchor Jim Patten showed these lights to be Chinese New Year floating Lanterns. On February 16, 2008, two individuals reported seeing a large, pulsing orb of light hovering in place above Miramar Air Base.
2008-01-08, 2008-01-13, 2008-01-14, 2008-01-15, 2008-01-18, 2008-01-19, 2008-01-20, 2008-02-02, 2008-02-09 Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings Stephenville, Texas, Dublin, Texas, Crawford, Texas United States UFOs were, and still are, sometimes reported in this area. One was an object that was 1 mile (1.6 km) by 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in size. It was spotted over the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas. The Air Force has identified the objects as training fighter jets that had not been reported because of an "internal communications problem between offices at the base."
May–September, 2008 2008 Turkey UFO Sightings Istanbul Turkey Over a four month span in 2008, a night guard at the Yeni Kent Compound videotaped one or more unidentified flying objects over Turkey at nighttime. Many witnesses confirmed the two and a half hours' worth of video, leading the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center to dub it the "most important images of a UFO ever filmed".
2008-05-14 Needles, California United States A flaming object crashed near the Colorado river. Several witnesses claim to have seen five helicopters picking up the strange object after 17 minutes and heading into direction of Las Vegas.
2008-06-20 Wales UFO sightings Different cities, Wales United Kingdom After it was reported in the media that a police helicopter was almost hit by a UFO and that it tried to pursue it, hundreds of people reported to have witnessed a UFO on the same day or during the preceding days, in different areas of Wales.
2008-06-21 Moscow UFO sightings Moscow Russia Different people and media (including state-owned) reported sightings of 11 orange UFOs. A US blogger reported seeing the same phenomenon.[69] Also see YouTube video: [70]. Further confirmation came from Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk. On June 25 a similar report, now with 13 objects, was claimed in the UK.
2008-06-29 Michael Madden Weston-super-Mare, Somerset United Kingdom Royal Navy aircraft engineer Michael Madden watched a UFO hover above the M5 motorway near Weston-super-Mare for around three minutes before it disappeared at high speed. Madden described the UFO as looking "like alien aircraft in the films".

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

J. Allen Hynek speaks about the Pascagoula Abductions and Hickson - Parker interviews

UFO filmed by news crew in Lexington Kentucky2001

The Norwood Ohio searchlight incident of 1949

911 Calls concerning strange object and lights flickering in Centerville Ohio March 2004

Disclosure Project News Conference

Russian KGB inspect crashed UFO in 1969

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some unknown objects that I have photographed since August 2007

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Unknown object photographed by me July 2008


Unknown object photographed by me July 2008


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unknown video shot in Kentucky in 1951

UFO - Kentucky, 1951

Alien like face in clouds w/closeup April 2008 photographed by myself and the Winchester England Alien face crop circle and binary code 2002

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Object comparisons

The following 2 objects are remarkably similar to the 2 craft I photographed below them.. Photobucket Norway 2001

Closeup of 2 of the 8 craft


The Kelly Kentucky Alien invasion of 1955


The Stanford Kentucky abductions


The Mantell case

The Death of Thomas Mantell UFO Story
by: Unknown 11/20/04

January 7, 1948, would be a day of tragedy for Captain Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard, and his family, friends, and fellow Guardsmen. The Mandell case would forever be a part of the hotbed of UFO reports of the late 1940s and early 1950s. He would have the unfortunate distinction of being the first human being to give his life in the ongoing chase for the elusive truth behind bizarre reports of flying craft from other worlds. Was his sighting a carry-over from the foo-fighters of World War II? or were they altogether another phenomena?..a phenomena that was just out of his reach. He gave all he had to reach this mysterious, intelligently controlled metallic craft, but whatever it was, and whoever controlled it, escaped that day.. that day that Thomas Mantell lost his life.

Mantell was piloting an F-51 that fateful day, soaring to Standiford Air Force Base, Kentucky. He was accompanied by three other Guard planes. At approximately 1:30 P.M. the Kentucky State Police began receiving reports from worried citizens of spotting a large circular object flying over the city of Maysville. In a matter of minutes the area of the sightings expanded to cover Irvington and Owensboro. This large, metallic flying craft was then clearly seen from the tower of Godman Air Force Base. The object was described as being an extremely large, round, whitish in color, with a red light toward it's bottom side, and seemed to be moving slowly toward the South. A little over an hour after the first reports, Mantell and his crew were asked to investigate these strange reports. The actual transcripts read," Godman Tower Calling the flight of 4 ships northbound over Godman Field. Do you read? Over. [Pause] Godman Tower Calling the flight of 4 ships northbound over Godman Field. Do you read? Over." "Roger, Godman Tower. This is National Guard 869, Flight Leader of the formation. Over." "National Guard 869 from Godman Tower. We have an object out south of Godman here that we are unable to identify, and we would like to know if you have gas enough; and if so could you take a look for us if you will." "Roger, I have the gas and I will take a look for you if you give me the correct heading. One of his three companions in flight received permission to continue his pre-assigned flight plan, while Mantell and the remaining two planes headed to the coordinates of the visual sightings.

Mantell led the way in the climb to 15,000 feet, and upon reaching the position, he radioed the following statement back to the control tower. �The object is directly ahead of and above me now, moving at about half my speed...It appears to be a metallic object or possibly reflection of Sun from a metallic object, and it is of tremendous size. . . . I�m still climbing. . . . I�m trying to close in for a better look.� 18,000, 20,000, 22,000 feet! too high for the WWII fighters without oxygen! The other two planes turned back, leaving Mantell alone to pursue the giant object. By all accounts Mantell must have passed out from lack of oxygen at about 30,000; at least his plane leveled off at that height. His plane now began to plunge back toward earth. He crashed a few harrowing moments later on the farm of William J. Phillips near Franklin, Kentucky. Mantell's watch stopped at 3:16, and his body was still strapped in his plane, which become his coffin. He had spent 45 minutes in a frantic flight into the realm of the unknown. By 3:50, the giant craft was not visible from Godman, but other reports continued southward into Tennessee.

The reports of the incident spread like wildfire. Theory and speculation reached radio shows, television, and newspapers. The New York Times' story began with this headline, "Flier Dies Chasing A `Flying Saucer," and another story was headlined with, "Plane Exploded Over Kentucky as That and Near States Report Strange Object." Common speculation that Mantell was chasing a UFO was countered by the Air Force, which initially concluded that Mantell and his co-hearts were chasing the planet Venus. They also announced that his death was directly related to oxygen deprivation. This almost comical conclusion was hastily put to rest by an eye witness, Glen Mays, who lived near Franklin. Mays stated categorically that Mantell's plane exploded in mid-air." The plane circled three times, like the pilot didn�t know where he was going,� reported Mays, �and then started down into a dive from about 20,000 feet. About halfway down there was a terrific explosion." Then again, there is the testimony of Godman Base Commander Guy F. Hix, who stated to reporters that he observed the craft for almost an hour through binoculars. He would not have confused what he saw with the planet Venus.

Richard T. Miller, who was in the Operations Room of Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois also made several profound statements regarding the crash. He was monitoring the radio talk between Mantell and Godman tower, and heard this statement very clearly. "My God, I see people in this thing!" Miller added that on the morning after the crash, at a briefing, investigators had stated that Mantell died "pursuing an intelligently controlled unidentified flying object." In conclusion, Miller made this statement, "that evening, Air Technical Intelligence Center officers from Wright-Patterson AFB arrived and ordered all personnel to turn over any materials relating to the crash.

"Then, after we had turned it over to them, they said they had already completed the investigation." "I was no longer a skeptic. I had been up to that time. Now I wondered why the Government had gone to all of the trouble of covering it up, to keep it away from the press and the public."

In more recent years, additional information has come forward. Captain James F. Duesler, who was one of several military officers at Godman, was retired and living in England. In 1997, he stated that he and several other officers actually saw the gigantic UFO hovering over Godman field that day. Duesler, who was a pilot and crash investigator, stated, "the UFO was a strange gray-looking object, which looked like a rotating inverted ice cream cone." Shortly after the crash, Duesler visited the site, and made these observations, "The wings and tail section had broken off on impact with the ground and were a short distance from the plane,� he recalled. �There was no damage to the surrounding trees and it was obvious that there had been no forward or sideways motion when the plane had come down. It just appeared to have "belly flopped" into the clearing. There was very little damaged to the fuselage, which was in one piece, and no signs of blood whatsoever in the cockpit. There was no scratching on the body of the fuselage to indicate any forward movement and the propeller blade bore no telltale scratch marks to show it had been rotating at the time of impact, and one blade had been embedded into the ground. The damage pattern was not consistent with an aircraft of this type crashing at high speed into the ground. Because of the large engine in the nose of the plane, it would come down nose first and hit the ground at an angle. Even if it had managed to glide in, it would have cut a swath through the trees and a channel into the ground. None of these signs were present. All indications were that it had just belly flopped into the clearing. I must admit, I found this very strange." To further debunk the "Venus" theory, astronomical records indicated that the planet was only 33 degrees above the horizon at the time of the incident, thus totally eliminating it from the case.

The Air Force, embarrassed by the "Venus" theory falling through, now searched for another "wordly" explanation for the object observed that day. After discovering that Naval research was sending up the enormous "Skyhook" balloons, the Air Force had their alternate solution. This theory was also soon aborted after discovering that no balloon was launched, or could have been in the skies that day. The UFO theory received more credence after Mantell's death. On January 8, residents of Clinton, North Carolina, reported a cone-shaped object moving through the skies at incredible speeds, and on February 1, a large metallic UFO was seen emitting an orange light near the ground at Circleville, Ohio. Whatever happened on the day that Thomas Mantell crashed his plane, it is certain that it was not a weather balloon, and it was not Venus, or any other planet. Could it have been a visitor from another planet, or another dimension?

This Story Was Taken With Permission From http://bjbooth.topcities.com/Mantell.html

Train allegedly collides with UFO near Paintsville Kentucky

Kentucky Train Collision with Disk UFO....

Filer's Files
May 24, 2006

Kentucky Train Collision with Disk UFO

Paintsville -- At exactly 2:47 a.m. on January 14, 2002, while working a coal train enroute from Russell, Kentucky to Shelbiana, Kentucky, our trailing unit and first two cars were severely damaged as we struck an unknown floating or hovering object. I know it was 2:47 because my watch froze, and to this day shows that time. Along with my watch the entire electrical systems on both locomotives went haywire. Approaching a bend near milepost 42 in an area referred to as the Wild Kingdom, for the many different types of animals spotted there, my conductor and I saw lights coming from around the way. This ordinarily means another train is coming and will pass on the other track. The outlay of the area is this, the river, #1 track, #2 tracks and a straight up mountainside, carved out for the laying of these tracks. I killed our lights as not to blind the oncoming crew. As we rounded the corner our onboard computer began to flash in and out, speed recorder went nuts, and both locomotives died. Alarm bells began to ring and that’s when we saw the objects. Apparently scanning the river for something. At least three objects had several "search" lights trained there, the first object hovered about 10 to 12 feet above the track.

It was metallic silver in color with multiple colored lights near the bottom and in the middle. There were no windows or openings of any kind that we could see. It was 18 to 20 feet in length and probably ten feet high. With both engines dead as we rounded the corner we made little noise and the first object did not respond in time, I estimate that we hit the object at 30 mph with 16,000 trailing tons behind us. It clipped the top of our lead unit then skipped back slicing a chunk out of our trailing unit and first two coal cars. The other objects vanished.

Our emergency brakes had initiated due to the loss of power and we stopped approximately a mile and a half to two miles after impact. Our power restored after we were stopped and we notified our dispatcher, located in Jacksonville, Florida of what had happened. We were told to inspect the cars to see if they'd hold the rail and try to limp into milepost cmg 60 which used to be the Paintsville yard which is no longer in full operation. We checked everything out and the cab of the rear locomotive was demolished and smoking, the second two cars looked as if they had been hit with a giant hammer, but looked like they'd hold the rail.

Aerial View Paintsville,KY Railroad yard [link to terraserver-usa.com]

We pulled into Paintsville yard at approximately 5:15 am. The huge overhead lights lining the yard were noticeably dark and the only lights came from what we assumed were railroad officials vehicles parked near the end of the track. We pulled to a stop and began unloading our grips off the wounded train. We could hear what sounded like an army of workers immediately tending to our train. Vehicle doors slamming, guys running by in weird outfits and lights glaring from all directions, the one thing missing was railroad officials.

A guy named Ferguson shook my hand and asked me to follow him into the old yard office. We did, once inside they, and by they I mean I have no idea who these people were, began to ask us hundreds of questions, they then told us for our own protection we'd be medically tested before we could leave. I asked repeatedly to talk to my road foreman or trainmaster and not only were these requests denied but they confiscated my conductor’s cellular phone. Hours later we were led outside the old yard office and the strange things continued to happen, the 2 locomotives and two cars were removed from the rest of the train we had brought in and my only guess was parked 4 tracks over under a huge tent like structure buzzing with activity. We were lead off the property and told, due to national security, our silence on this matter would be appreciated.

We were then put in a railroad vehicle and taken to Martin, Kentucky were we went through questioning again with railroad officials and were then drug tested. After all of this we were sent on to Shelbiana, where we took rest for 8 hours and worked another train back to Russell. Working back we passed by Paintsville, no sign of the engines, cars, tent, people, nothing. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC [link to www.nuforc.org]

Jal flight 1628 FAA conversation

Buzz Aldrin comments about being followed in space


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Hello all,
This is my first blog on this subject. I have for the last year been photographing very strange anomalies in the sky over NE Kentucky. I don't know why I am being allowed to photograph these strange objects but I have been on a consistent basis,since August 16 of 2007.

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